D.B.A.D. Thermomug

D.B.A.D. Thermomug

We are sick of seeing people not taking Covid19 as seriously as they should. Governments around the world would not take such drastic measures if their scientific data models didn’t indicate that the damage this dreadful virus could will be catastrophic.

This campaign is aimed help get the message across that whilst the majority of us are at “low risk” all of our actions can have drastic consequences on those that we love.

DON’T BE A D**K protect the ones you love.


Colour: white

Print in black on one position

Material: Stainless steel

Height: 138mm

Weight: 196g

Capacity: 9 fl oz / 230ml

  • Delivery times

    Due to the high demand and current restrictions on door-to-door delivery in some regions, delivery times may be longer.

  • Our pricing

    This isn’t simply about profit this is about showing how effective merchandise is as part of a campaign and about contributing to doing the right thing. As such every item sold is generating a charitable donation for https://www.drk.de/en/ which is clearly marked. The bigger the support the larger the production run, the lower the cost and the more we can increase the amount of donation for https://www.drk.de/en. 

15,00 €Price