We are all incredibly grateful to the front line responders across the world.

From the doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers who are tackling this disaster head on to the armed forces, police, fire brigade, electricity companies, supermarkets, truck drivers and hospital cleaners who are keeping us all protected, fed and warm we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

This campaign started as the result of an innocent Linkedin exchange on Friday between 3 people followed up with some great drive and support for the Cybergroup team and some of our key supplier partners.

  • Jon Britton – M.D. of Whitelight Promotional Merchandise – A former colleague, friend and competitor no less, thanks for you remarks on Friday. You picked a hell of a time to go into business and we wish you every success.

  • Louise Marshall MCIM – Thanks for your reaction which triggered making this more than just a remark.

  • Richard Tatlow – Vantage97 – Thanks for our chats this week your idea earlier the week was truly inspiring and changed the way I see this time

Our amazing supply chain – Thanks for jumping on this, we know you’re struggling as much as everyone else but your response as ever is truly inspiring. Please keep your teams safe and well.

Thanks for taking the call on a Saturday and agreeing to be on board:

  • Neil Collis – Promotional Ceramics 

Also thanks to my business partners Steven and Roman at cyber-Wear and all of our team. They got my call on Saturday morning and by Saturday night had created designs, pricing and this website. You’re the best in the business and I’m very proud to part of the team.

Please can I ask everyone who gets involved when you receive your merchandise take a selfie and post it online. Let's get the message out there and show support for the brave front line responders. We hear your pleas and are doing our bit to stay at home and keep safe.

Lastly I would like to stress that this has all happened very quickly and as such the items on this site will need to be physically printed this week so please bare with us. If governments across Europe take the steps to close all businesses and this results in us being unable to fulfil any orders we will give you the choice of either donating all the proceeds to charity or a full refund. Please note we are an international company and we will aim to select charities to reflect this as opposed to focusing on Germany or the U.K.


Remember everyone - stay safe and don’t be a d**k


Chris Ashworth

Managing Director, Cybergroup (UK) Limited